Tips for Attendees


Getting to, and around the Convention can be intimidating and non-efficient unless you are prepared. Here are some photos and directions for those who may be arriving by car, bus, taxi or other public conveyance (including feet).



Many attendees are not used to Colorado humidity (or lack of it). It will take the moisture out of your body in many ways, but there is only one way to get it back in....drink water.

It is recommended that you drink a 1 liter water bottle of water addition to all the water you take in with meals and daily drinking habits.

If you feel nauseated or dizzy, or have a headache, try drinking a glass or two of water. Altitude sickness and de-hydration enhance each other.

For Attendees that might find the High Plains of Denver a bit dry.... If you can locate the LPCon Ecological Director, you may get free samples of an all natural lip Balm and moisturizer called WizBalm.

One of the best ways to achieve a sustainable (green) event is to reduce the waste stream. At its very best, this is called "Zero Waste". This Zero Waste is difficult to accomplish, but even approaching it can be beneficial. One of the tenets of Zero Waste is reducing the incoming stream, which naturally decreases the out going waste.

Here are a few tips on how you, the Individual Attendee, can help reduce the waste stream...


1. Bring your own, re-usable water bottle, and fill from taps and watering places. Not buying and then having to dispose of water and other drink bottles saves on the waste stream.

2. If you bring a lunch, use re-usable sandwich containers and a thermos (re-usable) in a re-usable lunch sack. Pack it in, pack it out.

3. If you choose to eat or drink out during the convention, look for the Green Certified vendors and venues. These places have been screened and rated by their dedication to sustainability. Patronize the greenest.

4. When planning your travel, check the public transportation availabilities first. RTD (bus and light rail) schedules are available here. Car pooling and just plain walking can help to reduce the energy used and thereby make things a tiny bit more sustainable.

5. When planning to bring notes, flyers or other printed documents for distribution, use re-cycled paper with soy based inks to enable easier re-cycling. Quality Press has all the right stuff.....

6. Look for re-usable shopping bags to carry with you and you can place your purchases there, instead of paper or plastic.

7. Check out the Eco-cycle Exchange....where you can exchange one person's throw away with anothers treasure.

8. Remember, the responsibility for the world we live in is upon each and everyone of us. Think and act Responsibly.


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