Ecology. What is the difference between ecological and environmental you may ask....

The environment of the child above....
Taken at skin level, the temperature is a comfortable 90 degrees F., the air is at a 5:1 nitrogen to oxygen ratio with trace gases, humidity is 45%.
Taken 12 inches away from the subject, the environmental picture changes somewhat....Temperature of less than -200 F, hard vacuum, no water content.
The Ecology of the child is one of maintaining a set of livable conditions in such a harsh environment.....for a few hours in a suit, for a few weeks in a dome....or perhaps for a few lifetimes in a ship.

The snapshot that is the environment when frozen in time has limited value (a la Heisenberg...;-) but when taken in series and extrapolated....then it becomes a valuable tool in understanding the ecology of the subject.

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